Julia and Lily

Julia and Lily are partners who use consensual spanking as a part of their sexual play.

Julia and Lily - F/f, con, mild, sex (mentioned, not shown)
Just Because... - F/f, con, mild, sex
Surrogate Mommy - F/f, con, r/p, mild, sex
Julia's Surprise - F/f, con, moderate, sex (mentioned, not shown)
PMS - F/f, con, mild, no sex
Finals Week - F/f, con, moderate-heavy, no sex
The Licking - F/f, con, heavy, sex
The Birthday Spanking - F/f, con, mild, no sex
Julia's Perspective - F/f, con, mild, sex


This is an erotic bdsm novel that I'm working on. It starts when the main character, Caitlyn, is 18 years old and a high school senior. She is spanked regularly at home, by her father, and at school by the vice principal and teachers.

Part 1 - M/f, nc, heavy, no sex
Part 2 - no spanking, no sex
Part 3 - no spanking, no sex
Part 4 - no spanking, sex
Part 5 - M/f, nc, heavy, no sex
Part 6 - no spanking, no sex
Part 7 - F/f, nc, severe, sex
Part 8 - M/f, nc, heavy, no sex
Part 9 - M/f, nc, heavy-severe, no sex

Probation Hall

I mark these as non-consensual, even though the premise is sort of consensual. The main character, Katrina, chooses to pay for her semester of goofing off by spending a semester on Probation Hall, where her Resident Adviser spanks her for any rules she breaks.

The Decision - F/f, nc, moderate, masturbation
The First Day - F/f, nc, moderate, masturbation
Anna - F/f, nc, moderate, masturbation
Sometimes You've Got to Be Bad - F/f, nc, moderate-heavy

Other Stories

Random, unrelated stories.

Late for Work - F/m, con, heavy, sex
Training, part 1 - F/f, con, heavy, no sex
Ita's Strange Request - M/f, con, mild, no sex
In the Den - M/f, nc, severe, no sex
Growing Up Too Fast - F/m, nc, heavy, no sex
It's Been a While! Part 1 - no spanking (only discussed), masturbation
It's Been a While! Part 2 - M/f, F/m, con, mild, no sex
It's Been a While! Part 3 - no spanking, sex
Danielle's First - M/f, con, mild, sex
The Treatment - M/f, con, severe, bondage
The Good Girl - M/f, con, severe, sex
Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart Part 1 - M/f, con, mild-moderate, sex
Anger Management - M/f, con, severe

Stories by Other Authors

Home by J - F/m, con, mild-moderate
Rachel's Game by J - F/m, con, mild-moderate, sex
Pleasure & Pain by J - F/m, con, severe, masturbation
The Storm by J - M/f, con, mild, sex
A Super Bet by J - F/m, con, mild-moderate, sex
His Story by J - M/f, con, moderate-heavy, masturbation
Leaving It Up to Luck by J - F/m, con, heavy, sex
Going to Dinner by J - F/m, con, heavy, sex
The Store by J - FF/m, con, moderate

Abbreviation Key

nc = non-consensual
con = consensual
r/p = role play
F/f = female dominant, female submissive
F/m = female dominant, male submissive
M/f = male dominant, female submissive
M/m = male dominant, male submissive
mild = erotic or playful discipline
moderate = a bit more intense than mild, some disciplinary themes
heavy = mostly discipline, not too harsh
severe = harsh discipline
sex/no sex = this should be self-explanatory

I hardly ever write about anything other than spanking. But if I do go deeper into BDSM through writing, I'll warn you and/or add more abbreviations!

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