The Licking

“You are in so much trouble,” Julia said, a slight smile playing on her lips.

I turned off the TV.

“I’ve been good!” I said with a pout.

“Stand up and pull down your pants,” she said. “You’re getting a licking.”


“Lillian Rose!”

I tried not to grin as I stood up and unbuttoned my pants. My bottom tingled and my clitoris ached as I watched her unbuckle her narrow leather belt.

“And panties,” she said, folding her belt in half.

I pouted and pulled my panties to my knees. She smiled fully then, looking me over. Her eyes twinkled with love and playfullness.

“Come here,” she said, softly, and I kicked off my white cordoroys and flowered panties and went to her.

She kneeled down and put her hands on my bottom, pulling me closer. I felt her warm breath between my legs and I sighed deeply. A fire rose in my body and my knees became weak as I felt the tip of her tongue on my clitoris.

“I’m not complaining-,” I whispered, pleasure rippling through my body, “but I thought-,”

“That you were getting a spanking? Oh, you still are,” she said, playfully, returning to my clitoris.

I moaned as my body began to quiver. My fingers were tangled in her dark, wavy hair. I teetered a bit, as my knees grew weaker.

“Lily, if you fall over, I’ll start spanking you now,” she said, slapping my bare bottom. I moaned as a ripple of pleasure shot through my body.

“I’m falling-,” I said, allowing myself to drop gently to the floor.

“You did that on purpose, young lady!” Julia exclaimed, tickling me.

“Sure did!”

She rolled me onto my stomach and started to spank me gently with her hand. She stopped briefly from time to time to caress my lower back and bottom with her fingernails. The sensation sent chills up my spine. I could feel my bottom grow warm under her striking hand, but it wasn’t stinging quite yet. Julia was building me up slowly because she knew how much that drove me crazy.

I was going crazy. I moaned, as the ache in my clitoris grew stronger. I had never had an orgasm while Julia spanked me, but I had gotten close at times. I slipped my arm under my body and pressed between my legs.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Julia said, taking hold of my arm. “I’ll tie you if I have to.”

I groaned. “But Julia-,”

There was a pause, and then I felt a sharp lash across my bottom. I moaned and curled my toes. She waited a moment for the pain to go from sharp to a hot, dull throb before she started to spank me with her hand again. This time, her spanks fell a little faster and I little sharper.

“Julia-, I need you-,” I begged.

“Well, you’ll just have to wait,” she said, rolling me over. “You’re so beautiful,” she said, running her slender fingers over my tummy to my yoni. As her finger slid gently over my clitoris, I shuddered. “My goodness, Lily,” she said, in a teasing tone as she felt the moisture between my legs, “would that be orgasm number 1?”

I giggled. “I plea the fifth!”

She began kissing the top of my thigh.

“Julia-, you’re making it worse,” I moaned as her lips traveled to my inner thigh. I felt her tongue on my clitoris, and I clentched my fists and curled my toes. “You love it when you make me weak.”

“I’m so good at it,” she whispered. “And I’m not done with you yet. Stand up and put yourself over the arm of the couch.”

“I can’t,” I said. “I can’t move.”

She rolled me onto my side and sent a few sharp slaps across my bottom. I stood up slowly, my legs trembling. I lay over the arm of the couch, my yoni throbbing in anticipation. I felt Julia’s warm hand against my bottom. Her slaps came slow and sharp, and I started to wonder if the belt had just been a tease. She stopped for a moment and slid her hand between my legs. I jumped when her finger touched my clitoris. She pulled her hand out from between my legs and caressed my burning bottom gently. When she stopped, I kept my eyes closed, anticipating.

The pain came sharp and quickly subsided to a hot throb. It was the moment between the lashes that I liked the best. Julia always waited for my body to respond before she gave me the next lash. My toes curled, and I moaned. She pushed every one of my limits with her small leather belt, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Just as soon as I think I can’t handle the pain anymore, she gives me a chance to dissolve into erotic pleasure.

“Lily?” she said, gently, brushing my blonde curls off of my flaming cheek. I smiled. “Let’s play,” she said, and I giggled. I stood up and began kissing her neck. We fell to the couch together.

“Why are you still dressed?” I said, tickling her.

“Hey,” she said, laughing uncontrollably. “I could spank you again!”

“Oh, yeah?” I said, slipping my hand under her shirt and finding her most ticklish spot, right by her kidneys.

“Stop it!” she said, thrashing around and laughing.

“Will you do anything to get me to stop?”


I stopped. “Strip for me.”


I started tickling her again.

“Okay!” she cried. “Just stop!”

Julia slowly and coyly began to undress for me. Part of it was an act, but part of it was that she was still shy about having me watch her undress. Her modesty was what I found the most endearing. She still faced the other way when she pulled off her shirt.

She came back to the couch, naked, and I sat up to allow her to lie down. I lay on top of her and began kissing her lips, softly, as she pulled off my shirt. My lips traveled down her chin to her neck. My fingertips traveled the length of her body, causing her to tremble beneath me. I kissed down her chest to her stomach then to her yoni. She was moist and sweet from arousal. I wondered for a second if she had ever had an orgasm while spanking me. She had never told me if she did. She moaned and tangled her fingers in my hair, as I tasted her. She shuddered as the tip of my tongue gently caressed her clitoris and then traveled to the opening of her yoni. These simple, gentle caresses with the tip of my tongue often made her climax quickly. I paced myself, allowing her pleasure to shoot up, simmer down, and then shoot up again. I liked to have many small orgasms when we made love, but Julia preferred to have one big one. I like to see how far I can take her before I push her over the edge.

I knew she was close by the sound of her breathing. Her out-breath was silent, but her in-breath was forceful. She always pulled my hair just a little before she realized that her fingers were still tangled in my curls. She let out a moan and grasped for my hand. She was ready. I gave her my hand and gave one last caress of my tongue. She squeezed my hand and began to tremble. I held her in my arms and she continued to shake. When she stopped trembling, she started to giggle.

“You’re so sweet when you come,” I said, teasing her.

“Oh, shush,” she said, still giggling. She traced her finger along my cheek and over my lips. “I love you,” she said, softly.

“I love you, too,” I said, brushing her dark, curly hair off of her shoulders.

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