Caitlyn: Part 7

“Isn’t your roommate coming back tonight?” I said as we left the restaurant.

“Yup,” he said.

“How are we going to-,” I said, waiting for him to cut me off.

“We’re just going to have to take our chances,” he said, and I felt a tingle between my legs. Connor’s always trying to get me to do risky things, like making out in the gym, or another semi-public place. I never went along with it, but I knew his roommate a little. It wouldn’t be that horrible if he walked in on us, but I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy making love if I knew someone was going to walk in.

We got back to the dorm and no one was in. Connor locked the door and immediately pulled me into his arms. As he kissed me, I melted. He held me firmly against his body and slipped his hand underneath my sweater and turtleneck. I could feel his warm hand against my waist, and I felt him edging towards my bra strap. He had my bra unfastened in record time and cupped his hand over my breast. He ran his finger over my nipple in just the right way to make me tremble.

“Do you want to take a shower?” he said, seductively.

“Why? Do I smell?” I said, teasing him. He gently tapped my bottom with his hand.

“You smell wonderful,” he said. “I just want to get you wet.”

“I’ll let you in on a secret,” I said in a soft voice. I pulled him down to me and nibbled on his ear. “I already am wet.”

He moaned softly and melted a little in my arms.

“Wanna see?” I teased, taking his hand. I guided his hand into my pants and panties. I trembled when his fingers brushed over my clitoris.

“Oh, you are,” he whispered.

“I’ve been going crazy thinking about you all morning and watching you all afternoon,” I said, softly. “I’ve been waiting to get you alone.”

“What are you going to do to me?” he said, moving his hand back up to my breast.

“Tease you.”

I pulled away from him and buttoned my pants back up.

“I’m going to give you a taste of what I had to go through today,” I said, slowly taking off my sweater.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” he said, backing up and sitting on his bed.

I started to unbutton my pants again, very slowly, touching myself a little as I went along.

“Caity, Caity, what are you doing?” he said, softly.

“Teasing you.”

He stood up and came over to me, intending to help me with my pants. I pushed him away.

“On your bed. Now,” I said, firmly, pointing to the bed.

He moaned. I continued to unbutton my pants, eyeing him seductively and licking my lips. He softly moaned complaints about how I was “killing him.” I pushed my pants down just a little, enough so he could see the top of my panties, and I turned away from him. I slowly lifted my turtleneck up over my head and let my bra fall to the floor. I kept my back to him and slowly pulled down my pants, bending at the waist to take my shoes off and then my pants.

“Now?” he whimpered.

“Nope,” I said, turning to face him.

He let out a small, discontented moan. I put my fingers in the elastic of my panties and lowered them a little bit, so he could just make out some pubic hair.

“Oh, no,” he said, rushing over to me and throwing me on the bed. “You are mine.”

I giggled and pretended to protest, and he threw off his clothes, kissing me on the neck intermittently. He held me tight in his arms and I could feel him between my legs. He was rubbing right up against my clitoris, and immediately my body began to quake. I didn’t expect to come close to orgasm so quickly. He was also rock solid which was always a sign to me that he was close to climax. He slowed down a little bit, nibbling on my ear and tickling me a little.

“Don’t you want to?” I whispered.

“You first,” he said. “You know the rule.”

“Keep rubbing,” I begged. My whole body trembled. “Too hard,” I said, suddenly, when I felt a small pain.

“Sorry,” he said, kissing my lips. He was very close to climax, and he was concentrating very hard on putting just the right amount of pressure on my clitoris. I held onto him tightly as my whole body shook. I started to feel him throb, too, and I let out a sigh and a slight laugh.

“We came at the same time,” I whispered.

“I know,” he said, kissing my lips. I grabbed his hand and put it between my legs. I still had a little energy left that I wanted to dispel. I shivered a little and goose bumps rose up on my arms. Connor pulled a blanket over the two of us and we nestled into each other’s arms. I felt good, but I also felt tired. The day was finally catching up with me.

Connor brought me home in time for the X-Files, and he stayed to watch it with Daddy and me. Right after Connor went home, I went to bed.

The next couple of weeks went smoothly. Daddy checked my Physics and Calculus homework every night and helped me with the problems that I had trouble with. I made sure to get myself to school on time every day, mostly by being good and getting off the phone by midnight instead of two or three in the morning. I volunteered to do a problem once or twice in Physics class, but Miss Bates was still calling on me during every class. Once or twice she told me, in front of the class, that she was impressed with how my performance was improving.

Suddenly I hit a bad patch. Daddy had to work late three nights in a row, and I had no one to help me with my Physics homework. I’d spend so long on it, checking and rechecking my answers that English and Calculus started to suffer a little. The couple of nights that Daddy got home early, he helped me try to catch up with my Calculus. He tried to assure me that I didn’t need to get all of the answers right for Physics. I just had to do it and then ask questions in class. What he didn’t understand was that all Miss Bates wanted was right answers. She didn’t care if you were having problems.

Daddy had to work most of the weekend, and he had to keep working late every night for the next week. He promised me his project at work was almost finished, and then he was going to take a little time off to spend with me. I wanted him home now. I was tired of eating dinner by myself and suffering over my homework alone. I was way behind in English, so much so that Mrs. Davis threatened to send home a warning slip if my next quiz grade was below a B. For Calculus, the warning slip was already in the mail. I knew I’d be spanked for that. It was starting to get frustrating trying to keep up with everything. One afternoon, I just sat on the couch and cried. Connor called and offered to take me to ice cream. I went, without even calling Daddy to ask. I didn’t care. I knew I was already in trouble for the warning slip.

The next day in school was disastrous. I failed both English and Calculus quizzes, and I just wanted to go home. When I got to Physics, I realized that I hadn’t done the homework that was due for today. I knew she was going to call on me, too. She always called on me.

“Caitlyn, why don’t you come up here and do problem 3 for us?” Miss Bates said, pleasantly.

I went up to the board and started to work on the problem. I got stuck almost immediately because I hadn’t had enough time to think about it. I couldn’t think on my feet. I wasn’t quick enough.

“I’ve noticed that you work is starting to slide, Caitlyn.” She had already started to humiliate me in front of the class. “You were doing so well for a little while. What happened?”

I shrugged a little, feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed.

“Did you even bother to do the assignment last night?” she said, harshly, and something snapped inside of me. I threw the chalk at her feet.

“No! No, I didn’t! Is that what you want to hear, you bitch?!”

The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. I heard a girl in the front row gasp. I put my hand over my mouth, and started to feel very sick to my stomach. She was definitely going to tell Mr. Presman, not to mention Daddy. I was in more trouble than I could handle. Miss Bates just stood there for a moment, pursing her lips into a thin white line. She stormed over and grabbed my ear and dragged me down to the main office.

She pulled me into Mr. Presman’s office.

“Sit down,” she ordered, finally letting go of my ear. I sat down and rubbed it, tears beginning to crawl down my cheeks. I was in so much trouble.

“This girl called me a bitch,” she said, and Mr. Presman sighed, opening his desk drawer. “I would like to punish her myself.”

“Okay,” Mr. Presman said.

“But I need to finish teaching my class. I think she should sit in here until I return, and then, after I punish her, I think she should be sent home for the rest of the day,” Miss Bates said.

“Whatever you feel is right, Miss Bates,” he said.

“I’ll be back at noon,” she said.

“I’m surprised, Miss O’Malley. I’ve never known you to be rude,” Mr. Presman said after Miss Bates left. I was crying softly and staring at my lap.

“I’m not rude,” I whimpered. “I didn’t mean to say it.”

“You know I have to call your father,” he said, and I nodded. “Please wait out by the front desk until Miss Bates returns.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, and sat on the bench outside of his office. I cried for the rest of the hour as I waited for Miss Bates. Daddy was going to be so angry with me. My bottom tingled at the memory of the spanking he gave me when I was nine years old for swearing. He usually just spanked me with his hand, but that was one of the very rare occasions that he used my flat-backed wooden hairbrush. I couldn’t sit comfortably for a couple of hours afterwards. Daddy was intolerant of dirty language.

Miss Bates came back right at twelve, carrying her tote bag. I stood up and followed her into Mr. Presman’s office. Adjacent to Mr. Presman’s office was a small room with a table and a few chairs surrounding it.

“You can punish her in here,” he said, and closed the door, leaving us alone.

She reached into her tote bag and pulled out a hairbrush, much like the one I had at home. I groaned a little.

“Do you see this?”

I nodded.

“I’ve had this since I started teaching, and I’ve only had to use it three or four times. Do you know how long I’ve been teaching?”

I shook my head, my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

“Ten years,” she said. “I haven’t had to use it in a couple of years, which is why there haven’t been any stories about me circulating. The reason why I’ve only had to use it three or four times is because on the rare occasions that I have had to use it, word got around quickly not to misbehave with me. And you’re going to find out why.”

I already knew why.

“Pull down your panties and bend over the table.”

The moment she gave me the instructions, I burst into tears. I cried as I pulled down my panties and lay on my stomach on the table, my toes barely touching the ground.

I felt her lift my skirt up, and I squeezed my eyes shut. I had only pulled my panties down to the top of my thighs. I felt her pull them down to my knees. Goose bumps rose up on my flesh as I anticipated the first strike. She put her hand firmly on the small of my back, and I heard a sharp crack followed by sharp, achy pain. A cry escaped my throat. Her hairbrush rose and fell, rose and fell, setting my bottom ablaze with pain. She barely gave me enough time to cry out over one spank before another and another fell. I began to sob loudly, begging her to stop.

“I will not tolerate rudeness or inappropriate language in my classroom,” Miss Bates, said, angrily. “You brought this on yourself, Caitlyn. Your attitude about school and my class has been way out of line and this was the last straw.”

I tightened my bottom and sobbed my heart out. She wasn’t going to stop. The firecracker blows kept falling on my tender bottom. I couldn’t kick because I was afraid I would kick her and make things worse. Instead, I pounded my foot against the floor. Finally she stopped. I remained bent over the table, still sobbing hard. I wanted to rub my stinging bottom.

“You can get up now,” she said in a tone that bordered tender.

I stood up, my legs shaking. I pulled my panties up, sucking in my breath as I pulled them over my tender, reddened bottom.

“I expect to see improvement in your attitude for the rest of the year,” she said.

We went into Mr. Presman’s office and he handed me my dismissal slip and a tissue.

“I’ll see you tomorrow in class, Caitlyn,” Miss Bates said. “And I advise you to have your homework done. I will be calling on you.”

I ambled to my locker. It hurt to walk.

I stood by the bus stop, shivering. All I wanted to do was go home and take a long, hot bath. I unlocked the door and walked in. Daddy was sitting on the couch, and he stood up when I came in.

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